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There are so many things I want to say to you, and yet too many things I'm afraid of happening if I do.
Greeting and salutations, I am Phil, Phillip to some, please I beg you to call me Phil, once we have spoken for a while, you may with my permission then have the honour to call me Phillip.
5th December 1986
I am a zombie, apocalyptic, tattoo and beard enthusiast, I am from England, I am British. I post random stuff. I am a geek.

These are the fandoms I am apart of, but I do not go batshit crazy about them, because I know how to be calm:
Dr. Who,
Back To The Future,
Lord Of The Rings,
Avatar; Legend Of Aang (The Last Airbender),
Avatar: Legend Of Korra,
Family Guy.
The Walking Dead.
I currently have 9 tattoo's, more are to come, I read zombie books and get lost in their storyline. I suffer from mild depression, anxiety and OCD. I am a nice genuine guy who will listen to you and give you friendly advice, I wear my heart on my sleeve, hence the human heart tattoo. I do not judge people, I treat all people with respect. I see everyone as equal. If you judge me before getting to know me, then shame on you for being so small minded. Be nice to me, I shall be nice back, it's not that difficult to be nice.

Here’s the swollen river near me.

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